Announcing StorSimple 8000 series in the new Azure portal!

I am so excited to announce the General Availability of StorSimple 8000 series management in the new Azure portal. Everything about the StorSimple Physical Device Series experience in the new Azure portal is designed to be easy. Using the 8000 Series with the Azure Resource Manager Portal can unlock the deep personalization, role-based access control, and a single portal to manage all of your applications.

Get started
The new Azure portal supports devices running Update 3.0 or later. Using the Azure resource manager, you can now create StorSimple Cloud Appliances (8010/8020). The Azure Resource Manager (ARM) enables you to leverage your existing ARM-based Virtual Network or storage accounts.

Automate operations
You can leverage Azure Resource Manager SDK for automating the 8000 series device management.

Transition to the new Azure portal
In a single click, you can seamlessly transition from the classic portal to the new Azure portal. Once in the new Azure portal, you can explore all the ARM capabilities. To leverage the seamless transition experience, apply the latest update on your devices. Your existing StorSimple Physical Device Series resources in the classic portal can be transitioned to the new Azure Portal in the coming weeks. For more information, go to Transition to the new Azure portal.

All customers will be transitioned to the new Azure portal by September 30, 2017. The complete transition process is quick, easy, and non-disruptive.

During the transition:

  • You can’t manage your device from the portal.
  • You’re protected as tiering and scheduled backups continue to occur.

After the transition:

  • You can no longer manage your devices from the classic portal.
  • All device managers under the selected subscription will be transitioned.
  • The existing Azure Service Management (ASM) based PowerShell cmdlets are not supported. Update the scripts to manage your devices through the ARM.
  • All your service settings and device configuration are intact! This includes the volumes and backups created in the classic portal.

Your new home
The new Azure portal is easy to use. Search for your StorSimple Device Manager by clicking on More services > from the left jumpbar. Go to Quick start to learn how to set up a device.

Quick start

Go to Overview for a quick peek of your service summary.

StorSimple Device Manager Dashboard

Click Devices to see all the devices registered. Click a specific device to view the device summary. To monitor the device consumption and performance charts, click Usage, Performance, or Capacity.

if you need any assistance, Microsoft Support is there to help you along the way!

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